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The ArchAIDE knowledge-base is a collection of search and retrieval tools that allows accessing the project reference database for types, decorations and stamps. Up to now, the knowledge-base contains types related to Terra Sigillata Italica, Hispanica, South Gaulish, and Roman Amphorae. 
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Beirut 1

This has a slightly bulbous neck, short projecting pointed rim (early examples) or folded band rim (late first BC-Augustan). As with all Beirut amphorae (first century BC to seventh century AD), and these should be seen as a continuous series. The handles comprise a flat central band moulding, concave on either side. They are attached from the rim face to the shoulder, curving inwards towards their base. The body is tronco -conical, ending in a hollow cone toe with a rounded end. Shoulders are rounded. More »
  • Date Min: -75 - Date Max: 10
  • Forms:
    • amphorae
  • Characteristics:
    • Handle: Curved
    • Base: Pointed
    • Handle: Ridged
    • Neck: Hourglass
    • Rim: Triangular
    • Shoulder: Rounded
    • Body: Tapered
  • Period: Typical of the second half of the first century BC (c. 75-50 BC) to c. AD 10? More »
  • Primary Function: Transport

3D Model

Archaide 3DHOP Help


Left Mouse Button + Move-Rotate 3D Model
Right Mouse Button + Move-Pan 3D Model
Mouse Wheel-Zoom In/Out
Double click-Re-center and zoom on clicked position
-Reset View
- Zoom In/Out
-Toggle between plain color and element color (green external surface, red inner surface, blue handles)
-Toggle Light control: when active, Left Mouse Button + Move to change light direction.
-Measurement mode: measure point-to-point distance on the 3D model by clicking on two points.
-Toggle Cut-through Section: slices open the object vertically.

Measured length

Origin & occurrences

Beirut Point
Cyprus Area


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Equivalent types & comments

Equivalences defined in Beirut 1

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Principal contributor: Paul Reynolds

Decorations & Stamps

Decorations defined in Beirut 1

No Decorations defined

Stamps defined in Beirut 1

No Stamps defined


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Reynolds, P. 2000: The Beirut amphora type, 1st century BC-7th century AD: an outline of its formal development and some preliminary observations of regional economic trends. Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautorum Acta. Abingdon 36 387-395
Reynolds, P. 1999: Pottery production and economic exchange in 2nd century Berytus: some preliminary observations of ceramic trends from quantified ceramic deposits from the Anglo-Lebanese excavations in Beirut. Berytus. 43 35-110