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The Project

The ArchAIDE Project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N.693548


ArchAIDE aims to create a new system for the automatic recognition of archaeological pottery from excavations around the world.

Every day, archaeologists are working to discover and tell stories around objects from the past, investing considerable time, effort and funding to identify and characterise individual finds. Pottery is of fundamental importance for the comprehension and dating of archaeological contexts, and for understanding the dynamics of production, trade flows, and social interactions.
Today, this characterisation and classification of ceramics is carried out manually, through the expertise of specialists and the use of analogue catalogues held in archives and libraries.
The goal of ArchAIDE is to optimise and economise this process, making knowledge accessible wherever archaeologists are working.


ArchAIDE Desktop

The ArchAIDE Desktop web site is the internet place where archaeologists may try and use  the same features of the ArchAIDE mobile app and thus to access data and tools from desktop and mobile devices.