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The ArchAIDE knowledge-base is a collection of search and retrieval tools that allows accessing the project reference database for types, decorations and stamps. Up to now, the knowledge-base contains types related to Terra Sigillata Italica, Hispanica, South Gaulish, and Roman Amphorae. 
Inserting a simple keyword in the search browser allows searching in all the text fields that describe each type. Clicking on the “Advanced” button, a complete form appears allowing to filter the results by all the relevant features of the specific entity. Clicking on the results allows complete access to all the information stored about a single type: description, chronology, origins and occurs, images, 3D models, references, equivalences.

ArchAIDE Types

Pascual 1 similis

This form is closely modelled on the Catalan Pascual 1 form. It has a high vertical rim, a cylindrical neck, ovoid body with a solid spike and long rounded handles with a vertical groove. The rim varies at the three production sites mentioned below. At Aspiran it is straight, at Montans it is gently curved, while at Corneilhan the curve is more pronounced (see Laubenheimer, 1985). More »
  • Date Min: -27 - Date Max: 100
  • Forms:
    • amphorae
  • Characteristics:
    • Shoulder: Rounded
    • Handle: Long vertical
    • Handle: Grooved
    • Rim: Collar
    • Body: Ovoid
    • Neck: Cylindrical
    • Base: Spike/tapered
  • Period: Augustan to first century AD. More »
  • Primary Function: Transport

3D Model

Archaide 3DHOP Help


Left Mouse Button + Move-Rotate 3D Model
Right Mouse Button + Move-Pan 3D Model
Mouse Wheel-Zoom In/Out
Double click-Re-center and zoom on clicked position
-Reset View
- Zoom In/Out
-Toggle between plain color and element color (green external surface, red inner surface, blue handles)
-Toggle Light control: when active, Left Mouse Button + Move to change light direction.
-Measurement mode: measure point-to-point distance on the 3D model by clicking on two points.
-Toggle Cut-through Section: slices open the object vertically.

Measured length

Origin & occurrences

Augst Point
France South Area
Vindonissa Point


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Media type: Drawing
Scale: Drawing at 1:10 scale

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Media type: Drawing

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Media type: 3D model

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Media type: Drawing

Equivalent types & comments

Equivalences defined in Pascual 1 similis

No direct equivalences

Equivalences defined in other types

No indirect equivalences

Principal contributor: David Williams

Decorations & Stamps

Decorations defined in Pascual 1 similis

No Decorations defined

Stamps defined in Pascual 1 similis

No Stamps defined


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